The failure to invest in people is the failure to invest for the future. At Coutts Mennie Consultancy we understand the value of people and the need to identify the right calibre for our clients. We engage with each client to establish deep meaningful relationships, working closely in order to understand the cultural and organisational needs, allowing us to pinpoint the right calibre of candidate that suits and fits your organisation.

It is this investment in those relationships and commitment to spend time getting to know you, your teams and businesses that allows us to add real value to you. Our focus is on saving valuable time, money and effort ensuring we only provide the right candidates for the right organisation. It’s who we don’t send that makes us different.

We don’t just match CV to job specification, we see beyond this when providing a shortlist of candidates. It’s the depth of knowledge and relationships we have with both parties that make us effective in today’s fast paced and highly technologically driven recruitment industry.

Our services can be supported by the use of psychometric assessment tools should this be required by our clients.